Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The True Story of the Three Witches

Once upon a time, there were three witch sisters, Gertrude, Geraldine, and baby Glinda.

Gertrude, the oldest, was a bossy sister, always getting new toys, new pets, new clothes and new witchcraft. She was especially fascinated with the mystical stuff that came out of the Far East, like Hot Yoga.

Geraldine was the product of the "middle child syndrome," having been
"No. 2," in the shadows behind her older sister all her life. She yearned to be like her big sister -- she even thought she'd like to surpass her one day -- but there was no question that she was the bratty baby sister who tagged along behind her big sissy. Daddy gave her witchy powers for the Wild West.

Glinda, the baby of the family, was born when her parents were much "older" (like 35) and was daddy's girl and mama's favorite.
Glinda never had to compete for love or attention and was always a good girl, learning from the mistakes of her bickering older sisters.
As the Witch of the North, she made friends with Santa and company.

Gertrude, as the oldest, always got her own way. She was also spoiled rotten. Her best friends, Dior, Celine and Tiffany, were never seen at a party without the latest, most expensive shoes or bags. She had boyfriends galore -- Hermes, Gucci, and Laurent -- and had recently acquired a pair of silver shoes that her friends said "were to die for."

Poor Geraldine was forever second fiddle. A year younger than Gertrude, she was second best at everything.
When Gertrude got Miss Teen Witch, Geraldine only got Miss Runner-up.
When Gertrude won Miss Bake Off, Geraldine got Miss Half-Baked.
On the other hand, baby Glinda never had to audition or try-out for anything. She was voted by her peers for the coveted Miss Congeniality, an honor that one earns by possessing brains, personality and looks.
Geraldine no doubt had beauty, but as far as brains go, she and Miss South Carolina were bosom buddies.

Most unfortunately, a house fell on Gertrude (completely by accident) and she "passed."
Needless to say, Geraldine thought it was only fair that she finally got to have Gertrude's silver shoes!

Then along comes.............Dorothy???!!!
It's one thing to be competing within "Family," but can you blame Geraldine for her jealously when her baby sister says she's giving the shoes to a total stranger?

TTFC's Fall production is sure to bring a whole new dimension to the magical land of OZ!

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